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This course will teach the fundamentals needed to utilize the ever-increasing power of the GPUs housed in the video cards attached to our computers. For years, this capability was limited to the processing of graphics data for presentation to the user. With the CUDA and OpenCL frameworks, programmers can develop applications that harness this power directly to search, modify, and quickly analyze large amounts of various types of data. Students will be introduced to core concurrent programming principles, along with the specific hardware and software considerations of these frameworks. In addition, students will learn canonical algorithms used to perform high-precision mathematics and data transformations. Class time will be split between lectures and hands-on exercises. There will be two individual projects in both CUDA and OpenCL programming, which will allow students to independently choose demonstrable goals, develop software to achieve those goals, and present the results of their efforts.

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There are no sections currently offered, however you can view a sample syllabus from a prior section of this course.