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Software Systems Engineering applies engineering principles and the system view to the software development process. The course focuses on the engineering of complex systems that have a strong software component. This course is based on the philosophy that the key to engineering a good software system lies just as much in the process that is followed as in the purely technical regime. The course will show how good a software development process is and how to make a software process better by studying successful techniques that have been employed to produce correct software systems within budget. Topics are explored in a sequence designed to reflect the way one would choose to implement process improvements. These topics include steps to initiate process change, methods to establish control over the software process, ways to specify the development process, methods for quantitative process control, and how to focus on problem prevention. Students will prepare term projects. Prerequisite(s): EN.605.202 Data Structures; one software engineering course beyond EN.605.601 Foundations of Software Engineering.