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Networking services are a staple of our daily life. Different types of networks surround us all day long. This ubiquitous networking, thanks to smartphones and tablet computers, gives us the convenience of information at our fingertips. The right network architecture provides the fundamental support for network services, such as the products from Facebook, Google, Apple, etc. This course covers the details of network design and the design process. Starting from requirement specifications, a detail flow analysis is introduced. Examples of different network architecture designs, both in wireline and wireless, will be discussed, including mobile Ad Hoc network (MANET), mesh network, 4G cellular networks, wide area network (WAN), cloud networks, and advanced software define networking (SDN). Performance analyses and network security aspects are considered at every step of the design. Secured architecture covers Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Transport Layer Security (TLS)-based systems, with details on firewall and intrusion detection configurations. The course encourages hands-on projects selected from real network system problems.

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