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This course explores fundamental aspects of the e-Business (electronic business) phenomenon that is currently sweeping through the global economy, as well as design principles and technology used to build computer-based systems in order to support the notion of e-Business. E-Business (electronic business) is an umbrella term, an interdisciplinary topic encompassing both business and technology. This topic addresses a variety of business activities, business processes, and strategic business functions conducted over the Internet in order to service customers, to collaborate with business partners, and to maintain and sustain competitive advantage in the networking economy. The course introduces contemporary management philosophies as they have come to be used for the marketing, selling, and distribution of goods and services through the Internet and other electronic media. The course explores approaches of defining drivers and use cases of conducting electronic business. This course provides an overview of principles and analysis of different models of electronic business. It enables students to design effective e-Business models built on a foundation of business concepts, knowledge of the e-Business environment, and an understanding of the influence of the Internet on business stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, manufacturers, service makers, regulators, managers, and employees. In this course students undertake value analysis and learn to describe value propositions. Business architecture and software infrastructure used to engineer and build e-Business systems will be explained. The modern information technologies associated with the delivery of business capabilities over the Internet will be discussed. The course content will be reinforced by a variety of assignments.

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