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Asynchronous Online

This course is designed to provide an advanced treatment of key topic areas in networking and telecommunications for students who have mastered the basic principles of network engineering. Key operational systems, protocols, and technologies are explored in local, wide, metro-area, storage, and wireless networking. Major topic areas include advanced LAN/WLAN technologies (Power over Ethernet, IEEE 802.1x authentication, VLANs, link aggregation, etc.), Storage Area Network technologies, Virtualized/Cloud networking, Optical Networking, IPv6, Spanning Tree and Dynamic IP routing protocols, “LastMile” Networking (DSL, Cable Modems, etc.), Label Switching, Multicasting, and Multicast routing, real-time application support mechanisms, Quality of Service protocols, Advanced Transport Layer topics (Congestion Notification, TCP options, etc.), and Network Security (address translation, VPNs, stateful inspection, etc.). A major component of the course will be a design project on one of the topic areas covered in the class.

Course Prerequisite(s)

EN.635.611 Principles of Network Engineering or EN.605.671 Principles of Data Communications Networks or equivalent.