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Businesses and government agencies confront increasingly complex rules and standards establishing the requirements for how digital information assets are to be created, stored, maintained, accessed, transmitted, received, and disposed. Information system engineers face enormous compliance risks, functional inefficiencies, and remediation costs if they are unprepared to navigate and master all of the technology, business, and legal rules against which digital information must be governed. All of these variables have become more complex as governments and industry partner more closely in counterterrorism investigations and defenses. This course enables engineers to explore and understand these rules and to develop better leadership skills across teams engaged in designing and managing complex governance projects. Assignments will expose engineers to, and teach them to navigate, the traps that global, cloud-based services present. Students completing the course will be able to contribute effectively to the cutting-edge, demanding projects ahead—“big data” transactions, real-time reporting to official agencies, electronic discovery, privacy, and compliance. Students will be expected to actively participate in class exercises, complete written assignments, and develop and present a final written governance proposal.