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Systems thinking and systems engineering are fundamentally problem-framing and problem-solving approaches that help provide more comprehensive solutions by considering the broader context, vigorously investigating and designing alternatives and interfaces, and exhaustively verifying requirements and operational outcomes. However, the systems approach is also inherently innovative because it leverages unique adaptable systems tools, tailorable approaches, and limitless dimensional frameworks and analyses. This course will show the student how to explore and mine key features of the systems process with the goal of demonstrating innovative techniques and innovative problem identification and solution approaches. You will see in this course that innovation is not just new technology or basic science discoveries, but the practice of successfully creating and adapting ideas, methods, or processes with the goal of delivering breakthrough value and impact for stakeholders and customers. The more complete form of innovation used in this course will enable the student to directly harness the systems principles more creatively through innovation exemplars, design thinking techniques, reflective thinking, and brainstorming techniques; and, by demonstrating at each of step of the systems lifecycle there are opportunities to be innovative.