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The Thermal Control System (TCS) is an essential part of spacecraft design. The TCS must keep all spacecraft components within acceptable temperature limits during all mission phases in a hostile space environment, while managing the heat generated by those components. For engineers seeking to develop a working knowledge of spacecraft thermal design, this course will provide an overview of the key elements comprising thermal control systems and an analytic methodology for their investigation. Topics will include fundamentals on development of thermal requirements, orbital environments, heat transfer processes, TCS hardware, and thermal testing, as well as techniques for thermal analysis using Thermal Desktop software. In addition, a number of supplemental topics will be included to provide further breadth and exposure. This course builds on the foundational elements introduced in Fundamentals of Engineering Space Systems II (675.602). Basic knowledge for the use of Thermal Desktop software is a firm prerequisite for this course, and temporary access to a license will be provided for this purpose before and during the course.