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This course will cover the fundamentals and applications of free space optical (FSO) communications systems as well as laser radar (LIDAR). FSO is rapidly becoming the communications method of choice for satellite cross links and for very high data rate downlinks. LIDAR has an extensive heritage in space applications for remote sensing as well as for applications such as precision range determination. This course will cover the multiple common enabling technologies shared by FSO and LIDAR, describe the concepts and theories behind these technologies, discuss the integration of these technologies into systems, and analyze current deployed as well as planned systems to help understand how FSO and LIDAR are implemented and used.This course will leverage Calculus as well as basic probability concepts to implement the physical models used to describe FSO and LIDAR systems and applications.

Course Prerequisite(s)

EN.675.600 Systems Engineering for Space and EN.675.601 Fundamentals of Engineering Space Systems I