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The course will analyze the physics of both the offensive and defensive aspects of space control and determine the advantages and disadvantages based on metrics of performance and cost. The course will detail various types of satellite orbits and their application, spacecraft sensors, ground-based sensors and weapons systems available. The course will look at ground-based jamming in technical detail to include link calculations. Next, the course will address laser weapons and high-power microwave devices that could disable or destroy a spacecraft or sensors. The student will look at the physics of both ground-based and space-based attack on spacecraft to include a non-targeted pellet attack. A detailed analysis of the March 27, 2019 Indian ASAT attack (code name Mission Shakti) on the Microsat-R spacecraft to include debris modeling will be undertaken.

Course Prerequisite(s)

EN.675.600 Systems Engineering for Space and EN.675.601 Fundamentals of Engineering Space Systems I