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Autonomic systems leverage the growing advances in control, computer vision, and machine learning coupled with technological advances in sensing, computation, and communication. While this emerging highly connected, autonomous world is full of promise, it also introduces safety and security risks that are not present in legacy systems. This course focuses on the complexities inherent in autonomous systems and the multifaceted and multilayered approaches necessary to assure their secure and safe operation. As these systems become more pervasive, guaranteeing their safe operation even during unforeseen and unpredictable events becomes imperative. There are currently no real solutions to provide these runtime guarantees necessitating cutting-edge research to provide state awareness, intelligence, control, safety, security, effective human-machine interaction, robust communication, and reliable computation and operation to these systems. This online course in a seminar-style format leads the students to participate in learning activities, record summary presentation of a selection of papers, write a peer-reviewed publication-quality paper, and record a workshop presentation for virtual panel review.

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