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This course permits graduate students in cybersecurity to work with other students and a faculty mentor to explore a topic in depth and apply principles and skills learned in the formal cybersecurity courses to a real world problem. Students will work in self-organized groups of two to five students on a topic selected from a published list. Since students will have selected different courses to meet degree requirements, students should consider the combined strengths of the group in constituting their team. Each team will prepare a proposal, interim reports, a final report, and an oral presentation. The goal is to produce a publication quality paper and substantial software tool. This course has no formal content; each team should meet with their faculty mentor at least once a week and is responsible for developing their own timeline and working to complete it within one semester. The total time required for this course is comparable to the combined class and study time for a formal course. Course prerequisite(s): Seven cybersecurity graduate courses including two courses numbered 695.7xx, all CyS foundation courses, and meeting the track requirement; or admission to the post-master’s certificate program. Students must also have permission of a faculty mentor or academic advisor, and the program chair. Course note(s): Students may not receive graduate credit for both EN.695.795 and EN.695.802 Independent Study in Cybersecurity II. This course is only offered in the spring.