When: Apr 09 @ 4:00 PM
Where: Online

This webinar is designed to identify, and correct for, common mistakes made by technical writers. Through interactive discussions and engaging examples, participants will dissect common pitfalls encountered in technical documentation. From ambiguity in instructions to convoluted explanations, participants will explore the three most prevalent failures that impede clear communication in engineering literature. Moreover, the lecture will provide actionable strategies and best practices for sidestepping these hurdles, empowering students to produce concise, precise, and comprehensible technical content. By fostering an environment of collaboration and inquiry, this session aims to equip aspiring engineers with the indispensable skill of proficient technical writing essential for success in their careers.

Austin Tremblay was born and raised in North Carolina. He holds a PhD from the University of Houston. He currently works as an instructional technologist in the Center for Learning Design and Technology, as well as an instructor in the Engineering Management program within EP. When he isn’t working, Austin enjoys tennis, cooking alongside his wife, and spontaneous camping trips.