Allyn Shell is a computer scientist and educator. He built software for simulators and ground stations for NASA contractors for 25 years and worked for a contractor in the area of missile defense for 10 years. Shell has taught seminars in introductory Ada, introductory C++, Advanced C++, object oriented software development, introduction to Java, and management of Ada software development. Shell has been an instructor in JHU’s Engineering for Professionals computer science programs since 2018. 

Shell is the author of the NASA/GSFC Standard Ada Pretty Printer (NASA/GSFC DSTL-88-003, May 1988) and is the co-author of the Ada Style Guide (NASA/GSFC SEL-87-002, May 1987). Recently, he authored the paper, “RISC Hardware and Simplified Software, Part 1: the Hardware” and he is writing “RISC Hardware and Simplified Software, Part 2: the Software.”

Allyn has four U.S. patents, as well as an EPO (European patent application) for a Multi-Level Marketing Computer Network Server.

Education History

  • B S Applied Physics, Michigan Technological University
  • M S Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University

Work Experience

Senior Principal Systems Engineer, (Retired), ASRC