A headshot photograph of Jason Dever, wearing a suit, against a grey backdrop.

Jason Dever, advisor and adjunct instructor in the departments of Engineering Management, Systems Engineering, and Healthcare Systems Engineering, co-founded Excelity, which made Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces 2023 list.

Launched in February 2019 by Dever and co-founder Kimberly Holladay, Excelity is a Virginia-based  IT firm providing services to the federal government intelligence community and specializing in application development for mission applications that help analysts and intelligence collection managers execute their missions more effectively. Dever serves as the firm’s director.

While serving earlier in his career as a lead manager of Lockheed Martin’s leadership development program, Dever found that he enjoyed assisting people in their career growth and offering mentorship opportunities. Excelity was created to model a similar corporate culture focused on improving employee growth through career development, training, and mentoring.

Dever plans to expand the firm’s core offerings across different mission domains and agencies.

“We will continue to focus on employee development and growth and are looking for new ways to expand and enhance our benefits package to adapt to the evolving needs of our employees,” says Dever.

Dever encourages aspiring engineering entrepreneurs to develop a solid plan, utilize your network, and most importantly, trust yourself.