Elevate your expertise with the online Electrical and Computer Engineering Post-Master’s Certificate from Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals. One of our three flexible graduate electrical and computer engineering program options, the Post-Master’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Certificate lets you dive deeper into an area of interest, network with new industry professionals, and build upon your master’s experience in new ways. 

Many of our courses are offered in several formats, so you are able to study and learn on your own terms and in ways that best suit your needs. Become a master of your subject by taking courses like Introduction to Digital Image and Video Processing, Analog Electronic Circuit Design, and Image Engineering. 

Through the certificate program, you can choose which courses are most relevant to your personal and professional goals, planning your path with the help of an academic advisor each term. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please check the academic calendar for term start dates. 

Admission Requirements

Post-Master’s Certificate Requirements

  • Choose any five courses offered from the program which must be completed within five years.
  • At least four of the five courses must be from the Electrical and Computer Engineering (EN.525.xxx) program or the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (EN.520.xxx) in the full-time program and at least two of the four required Electrical and Computer Engineering courses must be 700-level.
  • Students are allowed to take one elective.
  • Only grades of B− or above can count toward the post-master’s certificate.
  • Course selections outside the Electrical and Computer Engineering program requirements are subject to advisor approval.

ECE Post-Master’s Degree Requirement FAQs

Our online post-master’s certificate program was designed for students who already have a master’s degree in a related field and are looking for more specialized or more expert knowledge about the topics. Our ECE degree program is best for students who are interested in pursuing their first master’s program and want to gain more experience in the field. 

Designed for students who already have a master’s in a related field and significant work experience, courses in the electrical and computer engineering program are rigorous and push you to not only gain a deeper, more expert understanding of the field but to also challenge current ways of thinking for a more innovative mindset. Our courses are all taught by experienced and expert faculty and are formatted in ways that encourage collaboration, immersion, and hands-on learning. The online classes have a maximum capacity of 19 students.

The Engineering for Professionals program was designed with working professionals in mind. Therefore, we offer both synchronous and asynchronous courses and allow you to study in a part-time capacity to accommodate your busy schedule.

Have more questions? See if we answer your question here. If not, please contact us, and we will quickly respond to your concerns.

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