Admissions Requirements

Degree Requirements

  • Ten courses must be completed within five years.
  • The curriculum consists of four core courses and six electives from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) program.
  • Three courses must be taken at the 700-level. One or more core courses can be waived by your advisor if you have received an A or B in equivalent graduate courses. In this case, you may replace the waived core courses with the same number of other graduate Artificial Intelligence courses and may take these courses after all remaining core course requirements have been satisfied.
  • You may select from one of two tracks for foundation courses: an applied track and a theoretical track.
  • Only one C-range grade (C+, C, or C−) can count toward the master’s degree.
  • All course selections outside of the Artificial Intelligence program requirements are subject to advisor approval.

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Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

If you are not quite ready to commit to a master's degree, take a look at pursuing a certificate as an option. You can earn a graduate certificate in 4 courses and earn credits toward a master's.