Streamlined Degree Requirements

If you’ve been in the Space Systems Engineering program for a few years, we encourage you to take a fresh look at the 2018–2019 degree requirements to see the new changes we’ve made to better support you. We have significantly simplified the requirements over the past few years to give you more flexibility in selecting electives that suit your professional interests. The current degree requirement is that you take the five core courses and select five electives. Now, you can select electives at your discretion from the approved list or other electives in the EP program with the approval of your advisor. In the past, there were more restrictive requirements on the electives you were allowed to take. This new approach greatly simplifies the degree requirements and provides you the maximum flexibility. Reach out to your advisor if you have specific questions.

New Electives (Coming Soon!)

We are committed to greatly increasing the number of technical electives in our program to cover all aspects of Space Systems Engineering.

Here are the electives with assigned instructors and course numbers. I expect these electives to be available for registration for the Fall 2019 semester.
675.691 Electro-Optical Space Systems
675.752 Attitude Determination and Control for Space Systems
675.754 Flight Software for Space Systems
675.756 Antenna Design for Space Systems
675.768 Spacecraft Integration and Test

Here are the electives with assigned instructors but no course numbers. I expect these electives to be available for registration for the Spring 2020 semester.
Mission Formulation
Avionics and Power
Mission Design and Navigation
Reliability Engineering and Analysis
Ground Systems and Flight Operations

We have many others and will announce them in future Program Chair newsletters.

Growing Student Community

As a part-time program, conducted mostly online and virtually, it may be difficult for you to realize that you are part of a large and growing student population in the Space Systems Engineering program. Our active student population is over 300 as of January 2019. We are admitting about 100 new students per year, and this would trend upward to a program of 500 active students in a few years.